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Over 1,500 km of hiking trails lead through the Engadin Scuol Samnaun Val Müstair holiday region. The uniform signage of all hiking routes provides clear orientation - from simple walking and hiking trails to alpine routes.

Via Engiadina

The high-altitude hike on the sunny side of the Lower Engadine leads through typical Engadine villages such as Guarda, Ardez, Sent or Tschlin. It offers varied day hikes, panoramic views of the Lower Engadine Dolomites and only equipped with a daypack. The luggage is transported from one hotel to the next.

Via Engiadina winter

Via Engiadina long-distance hike: Without luggage, you hike three stages on the Lower Engadine winter panorama trail. The hike on the sunny side of the Lower Engadine takes you to the original villages such as Guarda, Ardez, Ftan or Sent.

Mountain biking

Biking through isolated picture-book villages, in between quenching your thirst with fresh mineral water at the village fountain and tasting spicy mountain cheese on rustic Alps. 800 km of bike routes are waiting!

Rent e-mountain bikes

The sophisticated technology of the e-bike supports your natural pedaling movement and starts when your own strength fades - so you can achieve your most beautiful goals in a sporty yet comfortable way.
The joint-friendly, healthy cycling in the fresh mountain air allows you to enjoy the unique nature with the wonderful panorama, all its sights.

Our house guests benefit from a 50% discount on the normal price.

Price per day including helmet: 20.00 (normal price: 40.00)